Instructions You Should Follow When Removing Your New Piercing

If you want to restrain the consequences that may occur when you want to change a new piercing, you should follow the following instructions:

  1. Don’t you ever try to remove a piercing except if you make sure it is fully healed. If moving the piercing is still causing hurt, or there are any signs of redness, swelling, or any other infection signs it is not ready yet to be changed.
  1. Hygiene and sterilization are a priority. Make sure you washed your hands well before touching your piercing. Take out the old one and clean the pierced area with saline solution using gauze pods, to make the area well prepared for the new piercing.
  • Somebody would ask; how I take my piercing out?

Here it differs according to the type or shape of the piercing you’re putting and its place. Some piercings like threaded or unthreaded simple studs are considered simple; you can just take them off by unscrewing or pinching them out. Other piercings like seam or bead rings piercing, are considered a little bit complex, so it’s better to let it be done by your piercer

  1. Place your new piercing back. Before putting your new piercing back, make sure to sterile it, wash your hands again and then do it. You should be well certain that you’re choosing a good quality and an appropriate size.
  1. Follow the aftercare steps that you were doing before. If you felt with any discomforts don’t think twice and call your piercer, he will let you noticed by the correct instructions to do.

Hope that these instructions were beneficial. If you need any professional help contact me at Rasha Fahed through this link where you will live a soothing experience with piercings. As you should always know that a piercings may never cause you pain if you took well care of them, as in contrary making or changing a piercing is always a quick way to get you new, good, fun and refreshing vibes.

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